2014 Aleppo, the other face

In my visit to Aleepo city, I found a man who works as a director in AFP ” Agency French Press” who has changed me a lot in how to be a journalist, he is one of the leading journalists in the agncy- middle east branch.

Accompanied with this man for four days was enough to learn few interesting lessons in the world of journalism as well as press and media

Being “Professional” does not mean you do not have a position, opinion, or impression, as far as to be accurate, honest, candid, diligent, and so he is quite Mr.Kitts.

Mr. Kitts, wakes up every day before anyone, At exactly eight o’clock, prepares his breakfast , which consists of a mixture of honey with yogurt.
This morning meal may be, is the only meal each in the event of his day was busy

you always find in his pocket, a small recorder, pen and notebook.
later, at the end of the journey I Discovered that Mr. Kitts did write more than 6 books in 4 days only.

Does not care about anything personal, and every interest in working and working and working.
Accurate to the greatest extent, and “more royal than the king”, do not Wasted passed a note, or a photo, or even a smile.

Intelligent, understands the Arabic language, and trying to speak out, in addition to fluency in English.

Brave, since when a sniper hit Barron Street in Aleppo Shot, Mr. Sammy continued his interview with the owner of the hotel without hesitation,why not, and he is the journalist who visited the wars countries of Afghanistan to Libya Besides Syria.

Gray head as he is but has the never and vitality of multiple men, he keeps telling me that the press is a passion and not just a profession.

he Always asks himself, what the public wants to know, and always thinks of himself as audience, Why, When, and what is next, analyzing the event of its aspects and aspects of the news audience.

he Does not care about news that everyone is covering, looking for unique story, insist on humanitarian ones, and come into contact with people.

All information has due verification, once and twice and three times.

the most Amazing thing he has, is his loyalty to AFP , he puts his career and journalistic work ahead of his fame or name.

Throughout the four days, he did not ask anyone to take a photo of him,and never took “Selfi”, never cared is his face shows up in staff picture.

he is Interested in events, people, houses, details, streets ..
He has no “ego” disease 
Finally, when I asked him about his account on Facebook, smiled and said to me: I am old man. I do not have an account on Facebook

Pictures from a visit to the city of Aleppo 11-2014

2014 Aleppo, the other face.

2014 Aleppo, the other face.

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